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The most important information while flying an aircraft is the knowledge of how high the aircraft is from the mean sea level. This information is provided by an instrument called the altimeter. An ordinary altimeter is nothing but an instrument that looks like a sensitive barometer and which can measure air pressure. However, more often than not, this instrument plays a key role in measuring the height above the sea level when the air pressure decreases while ascending. An altimeter consists of ribbed bronze aneroid capsules which are attached to needles on the face of the instrument. The capsule magnifies when there is a fall in ambient air pressure and moves the needles through linkages and gears to represent a rise in altitude. An accurate altimeter works generally at five different types of altitude — absolute altitude, indicated altitude, true altitude, pressure altitude, and density altitude. The accuracy of an aircraft’s altimeter majorly depends on the non-standard temperatures of the atmosphere, non-standard atmospheric pressure, aircraft position error and instrument error. That apart, most of the sensitive altimeters are also subject to mechanical, temperature, elastic, and installation errors. It’s the pilot’s responsibility identify these errors and correct them. An altimeter can be effectively used at various heights. However, altimeter range above 36,000 ft. are typically corporate in commercial aircrafts, military aircrafts and corporate jets.

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Global Altimeter Market: Dynamics


Altimeters’ various unique features such as reliability, affordable price, high precision rate and its compact size make an important factor expected to drive the global altimeter market. Furthermore, the instrument’s ability to work in a wide temperature range, its backlight feature which proves to be handy after dark and it’s also easily chargeable via USB. That apart, an altimeter also continues to provide altitude information to pilots in case of satellite reception loss under poor climatic conditions. All of these features makes altimeter the most dependable product for calculating altitude height and this is expected to drive the global altimeter market over the forecast period. Moreover, barometric altimeter provides better accuracy than GPS-type altimeter as it determines co-ordinates other than horizontal co-ordinates.


Sometimes, the difference between the ambient pressure and temperature causes invalid indication on an altimeter, which is expected to hamper the growth of global altimeter market during the forecast period. Furthermore, regulation checks for the proper calibration of the instrument are also expected to challenge or hamper the growth of global altimeter market over the forecast period.

Global Altimeter Market: Segmentation:

Global altimeter market can be segmented on the basis of product type, altitude ranges, mode of display, and application. On the basis of product type, the global altimeter market is segmented as drum type, sensitive type and absolute type. On the basis of altitude range, the global altimeter market is segmented as below 20,000ft, 20,000 to 50,000 ft., and above 50,000 ft. On the basis of mode of display, the global altimeter market is segmented as analogue visual, digital visual, audible and auxiliary visual. On the basis of application, the global altimeter market is segmented into skydiving, aircrafts, and climbing & hacking.

Global Altimeter Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants in the global altimeter market are:

  • Swastik Scientific Instruments Private Limited
  • Kollsman, Inc.
  • Kasper & Richter GmbH & Co. KG
  • Alti-2 Europe LTD
  • UMA, Inc.
  • Alter ltd.
  • AON2 LTD.

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