Jaw Fracture Device Market Size 2018 Analytical Overview, Growth Factors, Demand And Trends Forecast To 2026

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Craniomaxillofacial is a branch of orthopedic surgery which focuses on the disorders related to face, jaw, and skull. The craniomaxillofacial surgeries are performed to treat the severe injuries of facial and cranial bones. The increasing incidences of facial surgeries, facial trauma cases and availability of advanced medical facilities are propelling the demand for craniomaxillofacial devices. The global craniomaxillofacial devices market is expected to grow due to rising incidences of trauma and injuries.

Availability of Advanced Jaw Fracture Devices

A jaw fracture is known as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) fracture. The jaw fracture occurs when the mandible and or temporal bone is damaged near or through the TMJ. A jaw fracture is the second most common fracture of the bones of the face. The men of the age group 20 to 29 years are most likely to sustain the jaw fracture, which is three times more than women of the same age group. The presence of multiple jaw fractures needs frequent intraoperative assessment of occlusion and requires utilization of pharyngostomy endotracheal intubation. Various techniques are used to manage the jaw fractures through devices such as neutralization of forces on the fracture line and stable fixation, restoration of occlusion and anatomic reduction of the fracture, avoidance of soft tissue entrapment by the fixation technique, proper assessment of tissue viability, avoidance of further dental trauma, removal of diseased teeth within the fracture, rapid restoration of function and avoidance of excessive elevation of soft tissue from the surface of the bone and covering of exposed bone with soft tissue.

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Jaw fracture Devices Market Assessment by End User

jaw fracture device market

Factors Driving and Restraining the Jaw Fracture Device Market

The increasing incidences of facial fractures or jaw fractures due to road accidents are expected to boost the demand for jaw device fracture and drive the global jaw fracture devices market. The increasing awareness about the advanced technology based devices used to operate jaw fracture is also anticipated to drive the growth of global jaw fracture devices market over the long run. The increasing cases of sport-related injuries, such as boxing and wrestling, is expected to contribute in driving the global jaw fracture devises market in terms of revenue.

However, the unfavorable reimbursement scenario in the developing economies may hamper the demand for jaw fracture devices and restrain the growth of the global jaw fracture devices market. The high cost of patented products for jaw fracture treatment may also restrain the growth of the market of jaw fracture. Generally, a broken or fractured jaw usually heals well after the treatment by there are chances of dislocation of a jaw in the future, which may hamper the growth of the global jaw fracture devices market over the forecast period.

Jaw fracture Device by Fracture Type

A significant portion of the market has been covered by the various type of fractures such as general jaw fracture and condylar jaw fracture, among others. The condylar jaw fracture can be sub-segmented into unilateral and bilateral.

The general jaw fracture segment holds significant revenue share in the global jaw fracture device market. The general jaw fracture has a higher incidence due to various causes such as vehicle accidents, trips and falls and recreational or sports injuries. Moreover, industrial accidents or assaults, after a dental or medical procedure also responsible for the jaw fracture.

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