Citrus Concentrate Market Plying for Significant Growth During 2018 – 2026

Market Outlook for Citrus Concentrate market:

The citrus concentrate is made from the citrus fruits from the trees belonging to the Rutaceae family, which are produced all over the world. These fruits are generally prone to get spoiled very easily and have a very thin lifespan for consumption postharvest. Hence, production of citrus concentrate out of citrus fruit can ensure availability of fruit juices or other products throughout the year. Increasing the shelf-life of the citrus concentrate is always the goal of the manufacturers of the citrus concentrate.

Citrus Concentrate market: Food and Beverage Processing Industry Driving the Market

Citrus concentrates are driven predominantly by the food and beverages segment owing to the increased demand for the bakery, confectionery, and soft drinks. Due to the increased population in the Asian countries as well as the increased per capita income in these countries like India, China, Japan etc. many beverage companies are experiencing the boost in the sales. These beverage companies are continuously investing in innovative products with enhanced nutritive values to attract health-conscious consumers. The increased consumption of bakery products, soft drinks will lead to the increase in demand for citrus concentrate.

Citrus concentrate from citrus fruits is an abundant source of vitamin C which has demand in the dietary supplements. Vitamin C dietary supplements from citrus concentrate have high demand in the western countries owing to the health benefits such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases, control blood pressure, skin diseases etc. The citrus concentrate is driven by the dietary supplement segment following the food and beverage segment.

The cosmetic industry has been expanding for the last decade in the European countries as well as in Asian countries. Citrus concentrate has been widely used in beauty products for its fragrance such as shampoo, skin moisturizer, scrub etc. The use of cosmetics has been increasing more than ever as not only females but also males are keen on enhancing their look, nowadays.

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Alcoholic beverages are nowadays being launched with different flavors targeting young adults who are more attracted towards the innovative drinks with a twist in it. Many alcohol beverage companies are manufacturing alcohols in various citrus flavors such as grapefruit, lemon etc. This is leading to increased demand for citrus concentrate as many small and medium-sized breweries are emerging.

Global Citrus Concentrate market: Key players

Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Co., Lemon Concentrate S.L., Dohler, Prodalim Group, CitroGlobe, Bell Flavors and Fragrances, Citromax, Citrosuco S.A., Yantai North Andre Juice Co. Ltd., Sucocitrico Cutrale Ltd., Louis Dreyfus Company B.V. etc. are some of the key players in the global market of citrus concentrate.

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