Clarifying Agents Market to See Incredible Growth During 2018 – 2026

Market Outlook for Clarifying Agents Market:

Clarifying agents are added to the solutions to remove the suspended particles/solids which cannot be removed by the process of filtration. Due to the small particle size, filtration process cannot be used to separate these particles. The particles which are dispersed in the liquid are always in motion, repelling each other due to the electrostatic force between them. Adding clarifying agents allows neutralization of the electrostatic force, induces flocculation and forms the aggregate of the particles. These aggregate of particles either float or precipitate at the bottom and can be easily removed to get clarified liquid. Clarifying agents also known as a flocculating agents or fining agents, are non-ingredient chemicals that aid in processing. At present, clarifying agents are considered GRAS, used for processing aid and not as a food ingredient. Clarifying agents are used in the food industry, waste-water treatment, wine processing, and in pharmaceuticals.

Clarifying Agents Market: Driven by the Food and Beverage Industry

Clarifying agents utilized in the brewing process to remove the particles that cause haze or instability in wine. There is an increased demand for wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages in Asian countries. Also, the emergence of small-scale breweries and craft breweries has led to the increased interest of the middle-class populace from these countries. The demand of the clarifying agents in the processing of the alcoholic beverages where the suspended yeast is removed will increase in the future in Asian countries for this segment.

Dairy products of the food and beverage segment are flourishing due to increased demand for processed foods such as cheese manufacturing, casein manufacturing etc. The food industry has been expanding for the last few years with tremendous rate, owing to the increased population mostly in the Asian countries, which is leading to increased demand for clarifying agents in these market segments. With the advent of technological improvement, the pharmaceutical industry is booming. The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a tremendous pace in the Asia Pacific region which is leading to market growth of clarifying agents.

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Besides food & beverages and pharmaceutical industry, water treatment in the end-use segment is contributing to the increasing demand for the clarifying agents. Global warming has led to the uncertainty in the availability of the rain-water, also increased population faces the scarcity of the available water. These factors encourage the waste-water treatment projects all over the globe. The demand for the clarifying agents is mounting in this segment as an agents to separate harmful particles from waste-water.

Global Clarifying Agents Market: Key players

Tramfloc, Inc., Beckart Environmental, Milliken, Evonik Industries AG, BASF, Henan Boom Gelatin Co. Ltd., Oenofrance, LD Carlson, and Clariant AG are some of the key players in the global clarifying agents market.

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