Demand for Nanophotonic Equipment Market to Rise Significantly from Key End-use Industry Sectors


Nanophotonic Equipment Market: Introduction

Nanophotonic applications nowadays are experiencing continuous enhancement, contributing to the growth of global Nanophotonic Equipment market. Nanophotonic is focused on application of photonics at the nan-scale. Development of Nanophotonic equipment/devices deals with the design, fabrication and characterization of nanophotonic technology across various nanophotonic application. Current research & development is majorly focused on developing nanophotonic equipment for applications such as telecommunication, consumer electronics and healthcare.

Nanophotonic Equipment Market: Market Dynamics

Continuous focus by LED/OLED manufacturers to develop devices which consume less power and deliver high luminance efficiency is one of the prominent factors driving the growth of global Nanophotonic Equipment Market. Rising dependency on optical communication; and increasing interest in developing optoelectronic nanomaterial for low-cost large area photovoltaic (PV) displays, lasers, and photo detectors using quantum dots & Nano phosphors; are expected to accelerate the growth of global Nanophotonic Equipment Market. Increasing investments in research and development on manipulation of photons-electrons in nano-scale materials for developing innovative photonic devices and to other emerging technologies, is fuelling the growth of global Nanophotonic Equipment Market.

However, lack of awareness about the potential benefits of nanophotonic technology and high research and development cost, are identified as restraints likely to deter the progression of global Nanophotonic Equipment Market.

Nanophotonic Equipment Market: Market Segmentation

The global Nanophotonic Equipment market is segmented on the basis of material, equipment type and by region.

On the basis of material the global Nanophotonic Equipment can be segmented into;

  • Nano-ribbons
  • Quantum Dots
  • Nano-tubes
  • Photonic Crystals
  • Plasmonics

On the basis of equipment type, the global Nanophotonic Equipment can be segmented into;

  • LED
  • OLED
  • PV cells
  • Optical Amplifier
  • Optical Switches
  • Others

On the basis of application, the global Nanophotonic Equipment can be segmented into;

  • Telecommunication
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Others

Nanophotonic Equipment Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, the Nanophotonic Equipment Market is segmented across North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among all regions, North America followed by Western Europe is anticipated to dominate the market due to continuous focus on commercializing nanophotonic technology into various applications.

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Nanophotonic Equipment Market: Competitive Landscape

Some of the prominent vendors in the global Nanophotonic Equipment Market include, Nanonics Imaging, Cambridge Display Corporation, Samsung, OSRAM GmbH., Novaled GmbH, Hitachi, GENERAL ELECTRIC, Covega Corporation, IBM, and Philips,

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