Dietetic Confectionery Coatings Market to Expand with Significant CAGR During 2018 – 2026

Market Outlook for Dietetic Confectionery Coatings market:

Dietetic confectionery coatings are the confectionery compounds produced with reduced sugar content. With the high incidences of obesity in recent years and increased rate of chronic diseases related to the sugar consumption, the World Health Organization has recommended a reduction in sugar intake. The sugar reduction in various products in the food and beverages industry has become an important topic. Confectionery coatings industry has become as large as confectionery market and is used in snacks, sports nutrition and nutraceuticals along with the confections.

Dietetic Confectionery Coatings market:

Due to the increased health concerns in the western countries regarding the sugar intake and wide understanding about the connection between the obesity and chronic diseases, food companies in the market are introducing healthy snacks with high-protein, low-sugar content. With the knowledge of the current market trend dietetic confectionery coatings which are in high demand.

With the increasing population confectionery market segment is increasing at a tremendous rate. Confectionery segment attributing mostly to the chocolate and gummies is the major driver of the dietetic confectionery coatings market.

Dietetic confectionery coatings that are sugar-free use sugar alcohols known as polyols, mostly maltitol. These polyols added dietetic confectionery coatings have half of the calories compared to the sucrose, yet accounts roughly 60-70% of the sucrose sweetness. Many manufacturers of dietetic confectionery coatings are focused on developing a coating that can work in the wide range of humidity, has long shelf-life and is scuff-resistance with certain claims such as reduced calories, reduced sugars, sugar-free, and no sugar added.

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Global Dietetic Confectionery Coatings market: Key players

Cargill Inc., Mantrose-Hauser Co., Inc., Keystone Confectionery Coatings, Bloomer Chocolate Company, Capol, Kerry Inc., Barry Callebaut etc. are some of the major key players in the global dietetic confectionery coatings market

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