Emulsifier Enhancers Market to Incur Rapid Extension During 2018 – 2026

Emulsifier Enhancers: Market Outlook

Food additives are certain substances that are added to food and beverage products in order to enhance the flavor of the food, preserve the flavor, altering the taste and appearance of the food and, other qualities. There are few additives which are used for centuries such as salting, preserving sweets, pickling and preparing wines. There are wide range of food additives that are being used with the both natural and artificial origin. The food additives that are used recently are acidulants, acidity regulators, food coloring agents, color retention agents, emulsifiers, emulsifier enhancers, flavor enhancers, glazing agents and many others.

An emulsifier helps stabilize the emulsion of any food product by increasing its kinetic stability. Emulsifiers are mostly used in the food products to keep the food products greasy and moist. Certain examples of food emulsifiers are, egg yolk is used in the making of mayonnaise, mustard, soy lecithin, sodium phosphates, pickering stabilization and others.

In order to enhance the action of emulsification in food and beverage products, there are certain food additives added to the food products called as emulsifier enhancers. The emulsifier enhancers helps reduce the surface tension in the oil-water interface.

Emulsifier Enhancers and its Various Other Properties

The emulsifier enhancers used in most of the baked products such as cakes and pastries, which helps by enhancing the emulsification process. The emulsifier enhancers interacts with the protein and starch components which present in the food product in order to fasten the emulsification process. The emulsifier enhancers also modifies the texture and the structure of fats and oils. Emulsifier enhancers has various applications in the bakery, confectionery, oils, fats, dairy, and non-dairy products.

In bakery, the emulsifier enhancers are used as a surfactant in order to provide a variety of functions such as:

Cake improvers – emulsifier enhancers are used as cake improvers in order to satisfy numerous properties required in a wide range of cake formulations.

Dough conditioners and crumb softeners – emulsifier enhancers are widely used as a dough conditioner in order to produce yeast-raised baked goods.

In confectionery, emulsifier enhancers are used to modify the properties of sugar confectionery such as chewing gum and toffees. Emulsifier enhancers helps facilitate the processing of confectionery and also improves its palatability. Emulsifier enhancers can be added as a single food additive or in combination with other food additives. Considering the various properties of emulsifier enhancers in the food and beverage industry as a food additive, it is expected to have a potential growth over the years.

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Global Emulsifier Enhancers Market: Market Participants

Some of the market participants operating in the global emulsifier enhancers market identified across the value chain include Avril Group, AB Mauri Fleischmann, Bavaria Corp., DuPont Nutrition & Health, FBC Industries Inc., Fiberstar Inc., ICL Food Specialties, Nelson-Jameson Inc., Palsgaard Inc. Newpark Resources Inc., Kerry Inc., Corbion among the other emulsifier enhancer manufacturers.

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