Weak Power Relay Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2018 – 2026


Weak power relay is a low current circuit that is designed for battery operated electronic devices, with the operating current in micro amperes (µA). Although mostly done using a bistable relay, more components are often added to weak power relay for it to function like a monostable relay. Weak power relay is a sensitive part in any application and is manufactured in accordance with stringent quality norms considering its failure could result in fire. Moreover, the functioning of weak power relay and its efficacy is a resultant of the raw materials used in manufacturing it. Different applications such as protection and signalization of electrical installations used different contact materials, thereby, increasing the reliability and safety of the applied technique.

Growing demand for electronic products has further impacted the weak power relay market, resulting in an increase in manufacturing of weak power relays, in terms of volume. Moreover, increasing deployment of automation in the electronic industry is also broadening the scope for future growth of weak power relay market. In the automotive landscape, advancements in miniaturization to address challenges pertaining Electric Control Unit (ECU) of vehicles will drive the weak power relay market. Miniaturization has gained prominence in the automotive industry for the new age electronic functions in vehicles.

Key Market Dynamics

Innovations in the weak power relay market is primarily in terms of improving the product lifecycle and safety and handling, with an increased focus on the products’ niche and multi functionality. Booming industrial segment, government initiatives targeted at development and expansion of power capacities and their eventual transmission and distribution, and increasing demand for product improvement are some key drivers fuelling the weak power relay market. Moreover, burgeoning residential segment is likely to create a healthy synergy between the manufacturers and suppliers in the weak power relay market. The market competition on the weak power relay landscape is expected to increase in the coming years owing to a substantial rise in merger and acquisition activities and technological innovations. However, the entry of new vendor in the weak power relay market is expected to be challenging owing to high product quality standards among international vendors. However, high installation and maintenance costs could restrict the growth of weak power relay market in the coming years.

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Segmentation Analysis: Weak Power Relay Market

The report on global weak power relay market offers a segmental analysis on the basis of region, type, and application along with a detailed profiling of the various weak power relay manufacturers.

Weak Power Relay Market: Segmentation by Type – Closed Type, Open Type

Weak Power Relay Market: Segmentation by Application – Communication, Industry, Automobile, Other

Regional Analysis: Weak Power Relay Market

Ongoing investments in electricity transmission and distribution, specifically in the developing nations of APEJ and Africa, is expected to increase the growth of weak power relay market in the near future. Moreover, extensive electrical infrastructure upgradation in the APAC region will drive the market further, with China accounting for the largest market share. On the other hand, markets in developed nations of North America and Europe is largely driven by the introduction of advanced weak power relay. The developing economies in Latin America also represent a growth potential for the global weak power relay market.

Competition Analysis: Weak Power Relay Market

Partnerships, collaborations, and mergers and acquisitions would remain critical forward market strategies among the key market participants in weak power market, in order to enhance their market share and broaden their product portfolio. The report on weak power relay market strategically profiles the key players along with an analysis of their growth strategies. Some of the top players in weak power relay market include: Phoenix,Siemens,OMRON,Schneider Electric,ABB,HONFA,Panasonic,IDEC,MINGDA,CHNT

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